The transportation Guide

Travel is among the most important components of any executive’s responsibilities. Meeting with partners, vendors, customers, board members and associates are a major part of your routine, and navigating the logistics never ceases to be a challenge. Many situations, such as delays in airline service and weather episodes, are well beyond your control. However, ground transportation should not be unpredictable or unreliable.

By following the list of steps outlined here, your preplanning will pay big dividends by ensuring that you are able to get to and from your location smoothly. If you are like most people, you have given very little thought to ground transportation. When a bad provider is selected, managing ground transportation can become one of the most time-consuming and frustrating aspects of your journey. The following is a list of what will be covered in this guide:

  • Preplanning Considerations For Any Trip
  • What You Should Expect From Your Transportation Provider
  • How To Guarantee That Your Service is as Expected
  • Avoiding Common Executive Travel Pitfalls
  • Managing Complex Travel Arrangements

When frequent travel is a way of life, you should empower yourself to put your itinerary in the hands of a provider you can trust. Identifying a worthy provider that delivers each and every time can ensure you’re never stuck dealing with logistics at the last moment.

Preplanning Considerations for Your Trip


The following are a series of questions that can help you select the best provider:

  • What Do You Expect From the Transportation Company?
  • How Many Of Your Employees Travel On a Regular Basis?
  • What Are the Locations that Your Employees Routinely Visit?
  • Are Your Transportation Needs Local, Remote or Both?
  • Does Your Team Travel Together, Separately or a Combination?
  • What is Your Annual Budget for Travel?
  • What is Your Preferred Vehicle Type?
  • What Are the Average Salaries of Those Who are Travelling?

These questions, along with the rest of this guide, will help you to determine your needs for your transportation company, and guide you to identifying the best provider to meet your needs. As with any vendor relationship, building and maintaining a relationship with your transportation provider will allow you to leverage your buying power, set expectations with your staff on quality of service and ensure consistent billing by minimizing sources.

What to Expect From Your Transportation Provider


While a common belief is that all transportation providers are the same, nothing could be further from the truth. At a minimum, the transportation provider that you choose should offer the following:

24 Hour Service

Your vendor needs to have live support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Many transportation companies outsource their night and weekend support to call centers and answering services. This can often become a point of failure, due to a lack of training and knowledge among the answering service employees. A well-established company will have customer service staff available at all times to handle reservations, questions and changes that need to be made.


While it is important that your team is able to reach customer service 24 hours a day, you also want to choose a service that is willing to provide cell phone numbers for the individual chauffeurs assigned to each trip. While most communication will occur between customer service staff and your team, occasionally it is more expedient to contact the chauffeur directly. In particular, it could be most efficient to call directly after a crowded event where there may be multiple car services performing pickups. Reciprocally, it is also always a best practice to provide the client’s cell phone number in case a situation arises, so the company can get hold of them and inform them of any changes. Finally, you will want to ensure that there is an escalation plan that the provider has established. You will need to know the contact information and the chain of command so that you can escalate any issue.

Does the company you have selected send real-time confirmations via email and integrate with other technology platforms to allow you to choose the method of communication? Some of these platforms may include GPS integration for travel managers, mobile apps for executives or sales teams that are always on the go, or even SMS confirmation to discreetly communicate chauffeur name and cell information while you are in a meeting. A great limousine company will be on the forefront of technology solutions, enabling their clients to choose the method of contact that works best for their companies and staff.





The first thing that you should look for is an up-to-date fleet. Many cities and regions around

the country have regulations requiring that the fleets of ground transportation companies are kept up-to-date. In general, it is always a wise practice to select a vendor who doesn’t field any cars that are over three years old or have more than 300 000 kilometres. Besides the obvious appearance issues of an older vehicle, it is also simply the law of averages that an older vehicle is more likely to break down, which is in direct conflict with having a flawless experience. If the transportation provider has more than 25 vehicles, you can expect they have a staff mechanic and a policy of continual, preventative maintenance on the fleet.

Additionally, fleet diversity is an important consideration. If your team’s annual agenda requires both individual and group transportation, a company with a wide range of vehicles is the best choice. If you only have the need to transport one or two individuals at a time, a less diverse fleet will be sufficient.

Along with the fleet, consider the network of the potential vendor. Many transportation companies have established extensive networks with other providers in various cities throughout the world. There are many customer benefits to these global arrangements. First, all your reservations can be made with one company, regardless of where in the world you will be travelling. Additionally, it gives your team a single point of contact for changes or questions that may arise while travelling. Most importantly, a network ensures that all your transportation is governed by the terms and conditions that you negotiate with your original provider of choice. Finally, all of your billing will be centralized and billing questions can be handled with a point of contact at your original vendor.



Fees are a critical issue to address when choosing a provider. It is unfortunately common for transportation companies to quote a base rate which does not include a myriad of hidden fees. These fees can include, but are not limited to, a fuel surcharge, chauffeur gratuity, airport fees, cleaning fees, parking, tolls and more. It is important to ensure that you are given a transparent quote to avoid any last-minute surprises with the bill. Many companies will quote an “all-inclusive” price but not go into detail as to what all-inclusive means. Unfortunately it means something different depending on the company. As an example, many companies will provide an estimate to the final cost instead of true final cost. They try to get around this by explaining that there are too many variables to give you a true final cost. Truth is that everyone realizes that if they keep the vehicle longer or deviate from the agreed upon manifest that this will affect pricing. You need to make sure you know exactly what is being promised. It is additionally essential to inquire about the fees and restrictions for cancellations, changes and special requests. Most providers will strive to meet the customers’ requirements, whether it is specific brands of bottled water, routing options, or Wi-Fi access in the vehicles.

While good companies strive to minimize any issues, they do occasionally occur. You need to establish up front what the provider’s policy is when an error occurs. Finally, be sure and inquire about their billing schedule. The company should be flexible enough to meet your billing needs. In some cases customers will want to be billed within 24 hours of trip completion, including weekends. In other cases, customers may want monthly invoices in either a summarized or detailed format.

Your transportation provider should have the technology and staff to meet your needs, allowing you to have as easy of an experience as possible. If what you need is customized, asking them for exceptions is an excellent gauge of their overall commitment to the customer experience. Be sure and understand their terms, and whether they offer any discount for quick payment, payment by credit card and which types of cards are accepted. Does the company preauthorize, and what is their policy if a card is declined? Due to the modern process of automatic fraud detection protection put in place by credit card companies, it is not unusual for credit cards to be automatically declined even if the card is current. The last thing you want is a company who fails to pick up your team without first reaching out towards your point of contact to resolve the billing issue in a discrete and professional manner.

Reservation Experience


The most important experience from the consumer stand point is the reservation process. The process should be simple and there should be multiple reservation methods to fit your needs. You should be able to make a reservation either by phone or company website, whichever you prefer. Once you have provided the necessary information (Name, Pickup Address, Drop off Address and Payment Information) an email should instantly be sent to confirm all of the information. In addition, a reminder email should be sent 24 hours in advance of the trip as additional confirmation. Reservation forms should include areas for making special requests, which should also be reflected in confirmation emails.



Referrals are always a strong indicator of a company’s performance. Surprisingly, while most people feel that references are always going to give a positive review, many times references give an honest opinion and discuss the weak points with a provider. Additionally you should take the time to check the providers at the Better Business Bureau and on social media sites to hear how the public views their reputation and performance.

Now that you’ve done your homework on various providers and narrowed down your list, it is time to take your research to the next level.

  • Perform a site visit to the facility. Look at the fleet and notice the Chauffeur attire. Make sure to meet with the staff that is actually performing the day-to-day operations. This should include the customer service team, dispatch staff, mechanics, and most importantly, the Chauffeurs. The Chauffeurs’ demeanor and attitude will tell you volumes of information about the company and the company culture.
  • To see the provider in action, visit an airport and look to see how they greet clients. Is their demeanor and signage professional or are client names just scribbled on a scratch piece of paper. Are the Chauffeurs helpful with luggage and respectful toward their customers?
  • Insurance coverage is a crucial differentiator among exceptional providers. A reputable company should be more than willing to share a copy of their insurance certificate. In addition, you should request that your company be listed as an “additional insured” and get a copy of this documentation. This ensures that you and your company are protected in the event that anything goes wrong.

Customized to Your Needs


  • Arrivals– arriving at the airport is critical for your team. They have travelled a long distance and are now transitioning from Air Travel to Ground Travel. In general, transportation companies will track the incoming flights, monitor any delays and adjust their schedule accordingly to accommodate any issues that the airlines have. There are two ways in which a Chauffeur can meet your team.
  • The first is referred to as a “Meet and Greet”. In this scenario, they actually go into the airport with a sign and wait at a designated meeting spot. This is determined in advance by the provider and the employee is usually strategically-placed for maximum visibility. In this situation, your Chauffeur is there to help you with luggage and will guide you right to the vehicle.
  • The second method is to meet in Ground Transportation. In this scenario, the Chauffeur will wait with the vehicle in a short-term waiting area and will greet you after you collect your bags and proceed to the Ground Transportation area.
  • If you are arriving from an international flight, inquire about the company policy ahead of time if Customs take an extended period of time. Some companies will charge a surcharge or charge wait time.
  • Departures – most companies have a recommendation about the departure time based on time of day, anticipated traffic, airport terminal, airline requirements and time of year. All of that being said, it is strictly a recommendation and your team ultimately determines when they should leave based on how early they would like to be at the airport. Just make sure to allow plenty of time so that it is a relaxed journey and you don’t experience an anxiety-laden trip.
  • Home pickup – Since many people are picked up at home, there are protocols that are followed here as well. Most Chauffeurs will show up approximately 15 minutes prior to the scheduled pickup time and will wait by their vehicles. In some cases, they will knock on the door at the appropriate time. Additionally, you can arrange to have the Chauffeur text or call the party to inform them of their arrival. In many cases, VIP clients are sensitive to their personal information and may even go by an alias. It is important that this information is clearly communicated with the customer service staff and that the alias is used on the signage. All respectable companies have a confidentially policy in place that the entire staff must sign. Transportation companies take confidentiality very seriously and many have zero tolerance policies in place.

Large Groups and Events


  • If you are doing large groups or events and transporting several members of your team, it is imperative that you make sure that your transportation provider has a dedicated employee to handle the logistics of your event. There are several logistical issues that need to be addressed to ensure that there is adequate coverage from a vehicle and personnel standpoint, while minimizing expense and waste to maintain your budget. There should be multiple meetings prior to the event and ideally in-person, to review the logistics plan. The documentation should include arrival times of your team and contingency plans for when things don’t go as planned. Each route should be mapped and driven at the appropriate time of day, taking into account vehicles that will be used, including turning radiuses, accessibility, and staging locations. Photographs are helpful both for the planning and can be including in the participant’s documentation for the trip, allowing them to get familiar with the process ahead of time.
  • For arrivals at the airport, participants arriving on the same flights should be grouped together, assuming that they are of a similar rank, don’t mind travelling together and are headed to the same destination. Even with the best planning, there needs to be enough flexibility in the plan to accommodate last-minute changes, flight delays, and special requests. Critical to this process is communicating to the transportation company who has the authority to make changes.
  • Changes generally result in extra charges and not everyone needs the freedom to change destination, pickup location or make any other special requests. That being said, a list of who has the authority is exceptionally helpful in ensuring that a C-Level executive gets taken care of the way he should. Don’t be afraid to ask the transportation company what the best practices are and follow their lead. They do this frequently, and have an invaluable amount of knowledge on this subject.
  • You will want to make sure that there is enough “depth of fleet” to be accommodate your group. As we have already discussed, many issues can occur and you want to make sure that your provider has extra equipment at the ready and isn’t scrambling to find equipment around town that they can borrow.
  • Don’t forget about your needs on the days of the events. If history is any indication, you will be busy on the phone and focused on many pressing issues. The last thing that you need to worry about is how to get around, traffic, routing and the potential to get lost. It is always better to have a Chauffeur assigned to you, so that you can stay focused and be productive as you move with your team.
  • Review the contract carefully and make sure that it covers all the important points and contingencies. Make sure that all costs are known ahead of time and that everything is agreed upon by both parties.

Your transportation solution provider should be just that a provider of solutions. A highly ethical, well established and professional organization can be your navigator through the world of ground transportation. They have years of experience and can share the best practices. But in addition they will listen attentively to your needs and will exceed those needs while being cost competitive and most importantly relieving the logistical demands from you. Professionals from the ground up – from customer service, dispatch, mechanics, to Chauffeurs and a management team who will stand behind their staff to give them the tools necessary to be successful are all key to flawless execution.

Peter Smutný, CEO of Ground Transportation Logistic Management, has several-year an invaluable experience with ground transportation. His journey started as a chauffeur, and now, as CEO, he gives his own experience and knowledge to others to successfully lead his team and it forms the professional transportation company GT LIMO.


Spoločnosť Lanot Logistik s.r.o., so sídlom v Bratislave na Slovensku, ponúka servis v oblasti prepravných služieb, prenájom vozidiel a komplexné logistické riešenia pri organizovaní eventov, konferencií a iných udalostí. GT Limousines, GT Sprinters a GT Buses sú rýchlo rastúce a úspešné divízie našej spoločnosti osobnej, ale aj autobusovej dopravy v našom regióne so stovkami spokojných zákazníkov a tisícami vykonaných jázd. Naša kvalita je zastúpená našimi zamestnancami, ktorí sú skúsení a neustále školení špecialisti. Naše technologické pozadie je na veľmi vysokej úrovni a umožňuje nám pracovať so všetkými informáciami, ktoré potrebujeme. Flotila našich Mercedesov je vybraná tak, aby predčila Vaše očakávania. Akonáhle zažijete úroveň spoločnosti GT LIMO, zistíte, že ste urobili skvelé rozhodnutie pri výbere našej spoločnosti ako poskytovateľa pozemnej dopravy. Sme Vám k dispozícii 24 hodín denne a sme schopní splniť každé jedno želanie.

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